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Art activities have a positive impact on the education of schoolchildren


Art helps people to take a different look at the world around them, helping to see new facets of objects and experience new emotions. Many experts are inclined to believe that art has a strong educational effect.

Art at school

art activitiesIn primary school in Houston recently held a performance with the participation of first-graders, which was a clear proof that art has a strong impact on students. The idea of the show was the fact that on the example of big and small fishes to explain to the disciples that the one who is bigger and stronger should not hurt someone who is smaller and weaker than him. In such an accessible for children way teachers explained to them that it is bad to offend the weak and defenceless creatures.

This performance gave the students the opportunity not only to observe everything happening from the outside but also to participate in this by themselves, which helped them to feel the main idea of the play on themselves. Thanks to this performance, the children were able to:

  • take part in the creative process;
  • rethink all the information obtained during the performance;
  • draw conclusions and take them into account.

Today, in various schools are widely used different kinds of creativity in the educational process, that teach students important things. Thanks to this, students receive the following benefits:

  • interaction with peers in the creative process;
  • improving their discipline and education;
  • improving academic performance.

The influence of art on education

The researchers from the University of Missy in Texas conducted an experiment in schools, which was aimed at identifying the level of influence of art on the educational process of students. For this purpose, 5000 students were chosen, who regularly visited various cultural events and exhibitions, as well as participated in the creative processes, such as theatre, dance and musical performances.

After the experiment was completed, the researchers asked students questions about their plans for the future and their willingness to help others. The findings of these interviews were very positive and characterized the commitment and openness of the majority of students surveyed. There was also a comparative analysis of students’ performance before and after the experiment, the results of which also pleased the researchers.

There is no doubt that creative activities have a positive impact on the performance of students and their relationships. However, if we talk about the organizational side of this issue, it should be noted that teachers face difficulties in making additional art classes in the schedule, as well as in motivating students to participate in these classes.