Personal Statement

How to Make a Great Personal Statement for College


Personal statement is the document that almost every high-school student has to deal with during his/her study. Sometimes, it is referred to under other names, such as a personal essay, application essay or opinion essay. You may deal with them as an academic assignment or as a part of your application suite. In general, any paper where the author writes about themselves to give readers insight into their strengths and attitudes can be actually classified as a personal essay. Even when you describe, for example, a book and focus more on your perception of the subject, such a paper can be considered a literature personal essay.

What Distinguishes a Good Personal Statement (from “Write my personal statement” service

  • The first and foremost thing you should understand about this type of assignment is that this should be a description of yourself. Subject a particular purpose, highlight your personal qualities and advantages. If this is a college application essay, focus on your academic skills, proficiency and commitment as these are the criteria applied by the admission staff. You are expected to make them understand why you have decided to apply for this particular institution, and what a great student you can be.
  • All your previous achievements – academic, organizational, sporting etc. – are what can make you standout from peers, so they are to be mentioned in your work. Every college or university wants to see uncommon personalities as their students; use your statement to demonstrate you belong to their number too.

Be concise. Remember that an admission officer has a lot of applications to read so they should grasp the essence from the very first sentences. A long and vague introduction is not an option. Boring or insipid, it can result in that your work will not be read to the end, so the most interesting facts and your personal traits may remain overlooked. That said, prior to writing this kind of paper, decide on how you are going to make it catching from the first lines.

Use the Right Approach to Writing

personal statementThe process of writing a personal statement should be organized properly to ensure the best result. Define in advance everal major points you want to focus on. To make the process easier and more productive, start from making a plan of your narration. When writing, stick to it to save your time and efforts.

Make sure you clearly understand specifics of the college and the course you are applying for. This will help you make your story relevant. It is very important to highlight your strengths which will draw attention of an admission officer. Don’t let the latter believe the course is just a random pick for you. Try to convince them your choice is grounded, while you have what it takes to be a good student of this particular alma mater.

Each institution sets its own specific requirements for admission essays. Meeting them is as important as the facts you are going to tell about. This is another opportunity for you to demonstrate you can be a thorough student who respects the rules set by your prospect college.