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Some Facts You Can Use to Support Your Social Media Research Paper


Using trustworthy statistics and facts is very important to provide the necessary support to your research paper. In this context, determining reliable sources is priority. Below, you will find some interesting facts to use in your academic work.

Real-Life Facts on Social Media

  • Statistically, people of 18 to 29 years old show the highest activity in social social mediamedia groups, with the involvement rate being as high as 88%. 78% of people between 30 and 49 are active social media users too. The index drops for older age groups.
  • American medical studies show that social media addiction has all the major dependency symptoms usually found in people addicted to drugs or alcohol. When social networks are unavailable, dependent users feel uneasy and can experience serious depression.
  • was the first social website ever. Launched in 1995, it had no competitors until 2005. It was built around the concept of finding classmates around the world. Later, the same idea was exploited by several similar web portals.
  • Facebook was proposed by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends as a communication platform for students at Harvard College. Later, students from other academic institutions were permitted to join the network too. Eventually, Facebook grew to become a global platform, which is no more focused on academic society only. Today, it can boast of almost a billion active users.
  • To facilitate social media activity, some British boutiques now offer their visitors an easier way to do selfie. To this end, they have mirrors in place provided with an in-built camera. Shoppers can use them to take a picture and immediately post it on their social account.
  • Some companies undertake anti-social-media campaigns in an attempt to return people to the real world. For example, Burger King offers a bonus burger to everyone who would remove ten friends from their Facebook account.
  • Many medical specialists support the idea that the social media activity is dangerous for health. Sociologists are on alert too. It is also common knowledge that social websites are often used by criminals to propagate nationalism, pedophilia and social hatred.
  • There are social networks designed for different user categories now. Along with general-purpose media, you can find thematic, restricted or private networks which are to connect people sharing common interests or a similar social status like businessmen or wealthy individuals. Beautifulpeople is an example of such a weird platform. To sign up, a potential user is to upload his/her photo.
  • If they consider the contender is not beautiful enough, he/she will not be granted access.

More Than Just Facts

Relying on trustworthy facts is important for a good research paper. Along with that, there are numerous requirements that the author student is expected to comply with. They involve formatting, references, the word amount etc. To make your paper more persuasive, consider adding some informative pictures or charts. Remember that knowing and observing all the rules your college applies to this kind of work is as important as the contents of the paper.